“We have to find ways to telling stories that touch the heart. That’s the only way to make a difference.”

More than your average filmmaker

Nothing is more beautiful to me than interviewing people about matters of the heart. Getting to the essence of one’s being and capturing that true beauty on camera is what I love doing. If that is combined with new adventures or experiences, I am even happier. I love the combination of discovering the beauty within people and the profound effect that the environment and/or the experience has on the people involved.

There is something about telling stories that touch the heart, that inspire us to embrace our full potential and to become part of the unfolding of the new earth. I love working with people who share their talents to contribute to creating a more loving, joyous, and prosperous world for all of us.


A million steps for love is a documentary that takes you on a journey through the beautiful and barren landscape of Palestine and shares with you the message of love. It captures the last stretch of the Jerusalem Way and shares the stories of the thirteen women who joined for the last 75km of the route.

“A ‘must see’ for women who want to be inspired to choose to walk their own path in life.”

Watch the Dutch version of the documentary here


Revealing the Hidden Parts of Me is a short documentary about the lives of four women who start their first ever burlesque journey….  A film not only about the act of sensual dancing itself, but about the value of a community, about finding the courage to take up your space in this world and about finding the strength to fully embrace who they are. It is a true and honest portrait of four amazing women, who each share their own personal story.

The result can be seen in the short documentary Revealing the Hidden Parts of Me.



“BACK TO OUR ROOTS” is a journey into the essence of humanity. Self-conscious leaders, dedicated to the creation a brighter world for all of us, share their perspectives on life. Their wisdom portrays the authentic connection with Spirit and Mother Earth. In listening to their stories and ideas, you are invited to dive deeper and deeper into the essence of your own being.

“A colourful, authentic and rich portrait of life as it is in its true essence. A story that will reconnect you to your own roots and sharing the immense value of community, so deeply longed for.” Watch the trailer:  BACK TO OUR ROOTS.



“By the end of the interview I was full of joy and gratitude for my life and for the opportunity to share my story.

Tenille Lindeque about her role in the joy short film



“This quality you have adds heart and authenticity to your work.”

Gilly Southwood about the creation of her Ibalibox film